When you are looking at your options for a marathon running training program, you will find there is a lot to think about, and a lot of options. In general, though they can be categorized under two headings, online programs, or in person programs. There are advantages to either one, and it really comes down to which best suits you and your lifestyle. When considering whether an online running coach is best for you here are some things to ask yourself.

Are you disciplined?

One of the top questions to ask yourself is how disciplined are you? This is something you have to be honest with yourself about. You might see a great smartphone workout that looks flashy and impressive but if you are not good at self-motivation and discipline, it is not likely going to work well for you. You might be the type of person to need a real coach to keep you in line, which means in-person training. You can join an online running club and take advantage of the multiple opportunities you can find in such places. A community to connect with, coaching tips, training plans and more. But you need to be consistent with your running and stick to the program you choose.

What are you willing or able to spend?

Your budget is another factor in whether you want an online running coach or a personal one. Personal coaches cost more so you need to decide whether you have the money to splash out like that. If money is tight then you can choose an online training program that is a lot more affordable. You can get a lot from using online running support options. Is this something you have on your bucket list to do them once, or are you hoping to commit to this more?

Are you looking for social advantages?

Running clubs are not just about what you can learn. They are also about having people you can socialize with, run with if you like social running, and connecting with other people who like running. They have a mix of people from all walks of life ranging from beginners to the highly experienced. Are you looking for actual physical people to run with, have a drink with, race with? Do you want to share this journey with people and connect with them in person? Or are you happy to connect with people online, and keep your running to something individual and more personal?


Running a marathon takes commitment and a certain level of fitness, training and mental strength. When running a marathon there comes a point when you need incredible mental fortitude so that you can get yourself through the most difficult point. You can get some great advice and training ideas from an online running club. With so many great options online take your time and find something you feel comfortable with that offers a program that suits your needs and goals.