If you have made the decision to learn to play the guitar, then congratulations are in order. You have made a bold step towards a hobby and skill that will give you lifelong pleasure and peace. You might even get laid from it. One thing you must keep in mind, though, is that becoming talented at guitar is NOT easy. In fact it is rather hard. There are entertainers that make soloing look like a walk in the park, but bear in mind that people like this have spent hours and hours each day practicing their guitar skills to reach that level.

Once you get a certain level of skill going, practicing guitar becomes almost fun and certainly easier to bear, but you must be aware of the fact that, when starting out, it is rather dull and discouraging. This is where the majority of the people who pick up the instrument put it right back down, and why so few people have a basic level of talent at what is possibly the coolest instrument of all time. This is where you must stick through and break through the beginner’s shell. There is no need to fret (pun very much intended), practicing guitar doesn’t need to be the torturous ordeal it has been made out to be.

Luckily, there is a vast wealth of material out there to teach you the fundamentals of guitar playing. In fact, there might even be too much, and picking the right guide may become a hassle in and of itself. There are Books, CD’s, books with CD’s in them, CD’s that come with books, E-books, E-lessons, So-ons, So-forths, and everything-in-betweens. Don’t pick something at random. Choose an appropriate guitar course may be one of the crucial points regarding your guitar playing skills.I suggest taking proffesional guitar course.

After some research about guitar courses and comparing both the course material and prices I highly recommend Jamorama Learning Kit. Jamorama course includes 2 ebooks 148 videos Members’ Forum and much more.This is one of the most complete packages regarding the whole process of learning the guitar. You may download first Jamorama lesson absolutely free and with no obligation right here!

When comparing Guitar lesson courses affirm that the author speaks to you in an easy going manner. Make sure you understand what they tell, and they aren’t expecting you to already know sheet music.In addition insure the tutorials aren’t advancing too quickly for your newbie brain. In short, check out that when you look at it, you say “I can do it”.

You’ll need to dedicate at least an hour a day to practicing playing the guitar. Practicing more is obviously better, but we all need to work for a living. Some of us have kids. Some of our kids won’t understand why they have to wait to eat dinner because you keep hitting the same string over and over again. You don’t necessarily need to practice for an hour straight, but try to get at least fifteen minutes in when you do sit down and start practicing playing the guitar. Of course, more is better, but more is too much for some folks. When you’re practicing, try to do it in a quiet room, free from distraction. Keep the television set off. Unplug the phone and the radio.

It must be you and your guitar:

  • Make sweet
  • sweet music together

Most of all, don’t get frustrated.. Just keep on playing!