Lots of people have totally ditched their camcorders and digital cameras because the quality of pictures with mobile devices is getting so much better each year. Lots of cameras on mobile phones already have HD captures for pictures, so the average person that is taking pictures doesn’t see the need for a digital camera. Indeed, the resolution of digital cameras is still higher, but that is usually only relevant to high-resolution fanatics. Typical smartphone owners that are posting pictures to Facebook or Instagram can use photos from their mobile devices with no problems. The following information provides some cool pointers on how this can be done.

Use the Stabilizer Feature (If You Have One)

When you are ready to take pictures with your mobile photo, you are going to want to consider the stabilizer. All new phones have some type of feature that helps you take more stable pictures. Some older phones may not. If you don’t have this feature, you may want to consider upgrading the phone.

With the iPhone, for example, there is a square that shows up in the window. This square is the autofocus of the lenses. As you look at the image that you are trying to take a picture of you will see the image go from being blurred to clear. Make sure that you are snapping photos after the lenses have focused on a clear image.

Take Multiple Moving Shots

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Unfortunately, few cameras have really perfected the art of moving images. The stabilizing of the lenses is good for focusing the camera, but it is still quite difficult to get a decent picture in motion because the average mobile device doesn’t have the shutter speed that a digital camera would have. You can still take the action shots, but you may have to take several to acquire a decent picture.

Get As Close As Possible

Another thing that the mobile cameras cannot do well is zoom. Microsoft may be one of the few mobile phone manufacturers that has created a device that actually has a zoom feature that still takes great photos. In most cases the zoomed photo is visible, but it takes the camera out of the high definition mode. That is why it is important to get as close as you can to the image that you are trying to take. This is going to make the image look as crisp and clear as possible.

Use the Panoramic View

Sunrise – Dawn, Autumn, Climbing, Hoher Göll in Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

Some people take a picture when they have their cameras vertical (in the same manner that they would talk on the phone). The panoramic shot is always going to be a better photo option. It is much easier to take panoramic photos and place these pictures in scrapbooks.

Consider an App

Some apps are designed to make your photos look even better than your standard camera picture taking app. Many of the apps can transform blurry images and red-eye photos.