How To Choose A Digital SLR Camera

Digital SLR cameras are pretty complex. A lot goes into selecting the one that’s right for you. It would be best if you were considering everything from the memory card to pixels and megapixels to the lens.

What Is A Digital SLR Camera?

SLR cameras have been the favorite camera of photographers for decades – this includes both professional photographers as well as basic hobbyists. SLR cameras produce high-quality photographs when used correctly. SLR stands for “Single Lens Reflex,” and sometimes digital SLR cameras are called DSLR cameras. These cameras offer a great deal more control than standard digital cameras and compact cameras. They have interchangeable lenses, flashes and filters.

They seem to be a great deal more complex than your typical point-and-shoot digital cameras, so many novice photographers are intimidated by them. There’s really no need to be though. Many today come with features to help beginners and they are an excellent way to learn the basics of photography before getting an even more high-end camera.

What Will You Use Your Camera For?

What Is A Digital SLR Camera

When picking out a digital SLR camera, the first question you need to address is what you’re going to be using the camera for. Do you want just to take pictures of friends and family to document your life? Are you planning on taking action shots? Will you be using the camera in low light conditions? Do you want to photograph small subjects? It can help to make a list of what you want to photograph as well as the conditions you plan to photograph under.


SLR cameras are going to be larger than other cameras. There’s a lot of size variation among them though. You may also be attaching additional heavy lenses to your camera. When and where you plan to use your camera are major factors in determining the size and weight you want. Make sure the camera is comfortable in your hands.

LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor on SLR cameras allows the photographer to view the picture only after it has been taken. The monitor can’t be used as a viewfinder like with compact cameras. To take a picture, you actually have to look through the camera. The menu and all of the setup options can be viewed on the monitor. Check out the menu and make sure the screen is large enough for you and gives you a clear after-image. Some models may have a touch-screen, while others may have buttons and switches to control the menu.



Some SLR cameras are going to take pictures in both RAW and JPEG formats, while others may only take them in one format or the other. RAW images are larger and uncompressed, while JPEGs are compressed. It would help if you had special software on your computer to view and work with the RAW images, but their quality is far superior. You can then convert the files to JPEGs. JPEG images take up less space on the memory card, allowing you to take more images at a time.