The Fujitsu Lifebook N5000 is an appealing design. It’s a desktop replacement class laptop with a decent 3D accelerator and a beautiful screen. While battery life goes out of the window, this laptop looks good, includes lots of features and performs very well.

 Not being widescreen this laptop is more business-oriented than others in its class

 Not a bad price for this fully featured package.

At around 10 pounds this laptop should be used in place on a desktop. It needs the ventilation under it to keep it cool especially if you decide to go with the 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 and are working it hard.

Great Screen Choice For Business Users

The 16.1″ LCD screen is a perfect size and resolution for reading and working with text-based applications. Some laptops offer massively high resolutions, but reading can be a pain since things get so small. The N5000 offers a more moderate 1440×1050 pixel, and they are spread across a nice large surface.

The screen is very high quality with claimed 600:1 contrast ratio and 350 nits of brightness, and these figures are definitely believable. The standard 4:3 ratio (not widescreen) will appeal more to business uses who prefer to have more height than wide for scrolling through documents.

Interestingly the N5000 (and the higher spec’d N5010) use DDR333 memory and SiS 648FX chipset to support the Pentium 4. SiS is a good chipset designer and does offer comparable performance to Intel’s offerings. You still get all the ports, 4 USB 2.0, an IEEE 1394 port. Microphone and headphone jacks of course, with a modem, Ethernet, VGA, and S-Video ports at the back. It’s nice to see 802.11a/b/g wireless and a memory card reader; you also get an integrated floppy drive.

Gamers or people interested in having a laptop ready for Longhorn will love the Radeon 9600 graphics accelerator. It’s one of the fastest available for laptop currently is offers full Direct X 9.0 acceleration.

The only real problem this laptop has as a desktop replacement is the fact that the speakers are mounted on each side of the keyboard. This looks very good, but it does cramp the keyboard and thus it’s not full-sized with no separate numeric keypad and no dedicated Home and End keys.

Battery life is getting into the realms of comical with just over an hour and a half’s life, and that’s if you use the optical drive sparingly.

Here Are The Specifications:

·       16.1″: 1440×1050

·       Memory: up to 2gb

·       Processor: Pentium 4 M 3Ghz or faster

·       Optical Drive: DVD writer standard

·       Video card: Radeon 9600 64mb (S video out)

·       Hard drive 60Gb standard (80Gb on the N5010)


The LCD screen is really very nice. Super high contrast and (in our opinion) perfect resolution. The rest of the laptop does offer good performance, the right graphics accelerator and a high-frequency Pentium 4. For superpower users editing sound or video, there are better performance deals out there. Still, for your average office worker, this laptop offers the right features and at a reasonable price.

In the end, this is a well designed, flexible laptop. You’ll have to determine your specific requirements yourself.