I guess you might be interested in going on a camping holiday or an adventure as I like to call it? Guess what you are not alone! In Virginia, going camping is a really popular pastime. There are many reasons why camping has become so popular is because it can be inexpensive and you have lots of options. You can decide where to go when to go, how much to spend but another choice you have is whether you should use a tent or a motor home. Both give you different options.

If you are a newbie to camping or perhaps you’ve been a few times, you may have thought about camping in a motor home but not sure what to do. You may have thought it would be too expensive, not worth it and more! What I have done in this article is to show the advantages and disadvantages of both going camping in a tent and going camping in a motor home.

When people first go camping, they usually do so in a tent. One of the main reasons is that this is the “traditional” way to go camping. Let’s be honest; it is also very cheap to do, as you can imagine a considerable price difference between the cost of a tent and a motor home! Plus, you also get a great choice of tents to choose from different sizes to different prizes. There are also lots of places to buy tents both on and offline. When you are just starting off, you can buy tents ranging from as low as $40 up to hundreds!

Getting as close to nature as possible is another advantage of tents. What I mean about this is that fundamentally a tent is just tarps. It gives you protection from the outdoors. However, you also feel as if you are as close to nature as you can be. So camping with a tent can give you an amazing “outdoor” experience. As close to nature as you can be without baring all!

However, as I said, I want also to show you the “disadvantages” of traditional camping. The main thing you have to be careful of is bad weather. No matter how good your tent is, if the weather is bad, it can make the whole experience quite uncomfortable. I’ve found that some people go for a lower-priced tent, only to find that they wake up one day and since it rained a little bit during the night the inside of their tent is wet! Rain can happen, no matter where you are! So this is definitely something you want to consider. Waking up in a wet tent, with everything wet, etc. can really be a pain!

So let’s talk about camping in a motor home. The first thing I said was that camping in a tent could be inexpensive. On the flip side, camping in a motor home can be very expensive. However, remember, you don’t necessarily need to buy a motor home. Many companies will also rent out motor homes. Of course, this will still be more expensive than buying a good tent. However, trying before you buy a motor home is important! A motor home is going to allow you to camp in more comfort.

You get a lot more comforts with a motor home for camping. Think of it as a tent hotel! Many motor homes are nearly like small apartments or holiday homes. They can have bathrooms, kitchens, even televisions! It is the great outdoors but with the comforts of home – a good halfway point!

When you have a motor home, you don’t need to worry about the weather. It’s always going to be nice and warm when you camp! Plus, if you want to pack up and leave, it’s as easy as just driving.

However, one thing you must think about is that if you go to the supermarket or out for a drive, you have to “bring” your motor home with you, which means parking, leaving valuables in the motor home, etc. I have heard of some people getting broken into and items being taken from the motor home. So consider security and safety when going motor home camping.

Whether you decide to go camping in a tent or a motor home, enjoy it as it can be so much fun to do!