About Deunivory

Deun Ivory is one of the most authentic creative beings that you will ever meet in this lifetime. She owns her superpower of being unapologetically herself through the way she speaks, the way she expresses herself + the way she navigates through life. It would be remiss to confine her identity to just a brilliant photographer + illustrator. Her life’s work is to serve, empower and celebrate women of color through a series of creative practices. In a nutshell: she uses her platform to celebrate black womanhood.

As a former English + art teacher, she has perfected the ability to educate + inspire. Driven by the need to see women of color living their best lives, she utilizes affirmative words and stunning imagery to show them how to discover their magic + walk in it.

Deun is a brilliant visionary, multi-disciplinary artist and powerful public speaker. She is the art director and podcast-co host for black girl in om, the #1 destination for women of color on their wellness journey. She is also the co-founder of “Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash”, a mindfulness good brands rooted in affirmations and illustrations for contemporary women of color. As a multifaceted creative and influencer specializing in content creation, consulting and brand design, she uses her visual gifts to create representation for black and brown people.

Her eye for compelling imagery, visual storytelling and elegant use of rhetoric has led to content creation for Nike, photography workshops + commissioned photo series with Apple, brand partnerships with VSCO, Netflix, and Makeup Forever, as well as curated speaking events with HBO +Syracuse University. Enamored by brands like Refinery29, Instagram, CRWN mag and many others for her distinct aesthetic and authentic creative contributions, Deun Ivory has become a source of inspiration for those seeking to develop self-love and creative confidence.

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