Summer is a beautiful time to go on a relaxing camping trip in the mountains. A sleeping bag is usually a vital part of camping, and in the summer, light and airy sleeping bags are a must. Different sleeping bags cater to different needs, such as comfort, space, functionality, etc. It all depends on you and what your needs in a sleeping bag are. But, if you don`t want to sleep on the ground, then you should look for the best hammock for camping on the market. Anyway, we present you the best summer sleeping bags right now.

3 Best Summer Sleeping Bags

#1 – Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt 800 2-Season Sleeping BagSierra summer sleeping bag

This sleeping bag is a super spacious and padded choice. It’s longer and wider than average sleeping bags, full body length including pockets for your hands, had a hood and its quilt design makes it lighter but also provides extra comfort.

The main pros about this sleeping bag is that it is huge and the Duck DriDown feature. It fits someone up to 6’4, still leaving plenty of wiggle room. The DriDown is hydrophobic, and it keeps you very toasty even in below 0 temps.

Overall it is a very nice choice, but it is a luxury sleeping bag, check the price onWalmart

Complaints: Feet warmth, and some of the down can get clumped in certain areas, causing a need for fluffing the sleeping bag every few uses.

#2 – The Coleman Clear Lake Warm-Weather Sleeping BagColeman summer sleeping bag

This import is suitable for medium temperatures, staying around 40 to 60 degrees making it a great summer use sleeping bag. Polyester and cotton made, it can be washed in commercial washing machines and is very durable.

This sleeping bag has a fabric pull technology that keeps it out of the zippers and away from your face so it doesn’t get in the way. It’s comfortable and easy to fold after use.

Great choice for a summer sleeping comfort.

Complaints: There is no head piece or hood which is becoming more of a common feature for sleeping bags to have. It also does not come with a storage bag.

#3 – The Texsport Fleece Sleeping BagTexsport summer sleeping bag

More of a fleece camping blanket, this sleeping bag is the ultra light option. Featuring an all-around zipper that can be zipped up with others and a nylon storage bag. Super compact and warm enough to last through those late spring and early fall temperatures as well as the summer.

It’s small, lightweight, easy to carry and store, makes backpacking that much easier. Also it is thick, and quite well constructed.

A very basic option for a budget or space saving, it can be found on Walmart here.

Complaints: For colder days and nights, higher elevations and cooler climates, this sleeping bag may not be the best choice. No memory foam, quilt design, or other comfort adding innovations.

Additional tips when buying a best summer sleeping bag

One of these sleeping bags is sure to meet your needs if you’re searching for something lightweight but still warm and comfortable. For a sleeping bag that can work in the winter as well, the Sierra Designs Backcountry sleeping bag would be a great choice. For max comfort, Coleman is the sleeping bag for you. If you are going backpacking or on a trip where you’d rather not carry much, I’d recommend the Texsport bag for it’s versatile nature.