flower child.

hey girl hey! welcome to my style blog. it's been long overdue but it's finally here + I am so EXCITED. 

those of you who follow me on instagram are aware of my partnership with Nordstrom. I'm currently working with them, again, as an influencer for their YC Micro H2 Campaign. My role is simple. I'm required to shop, style + share, which is like the best thing ever!! 

ok, so let's discuss the details of this ensemble. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this bell sleeve blouse from Nordstrom. It is lit-tra-lee perfection. I remember trying this on in the dressing room + immediately falling in love with the color + design. It looked so gorgeous against my skin + provided just the right amount of flare + FUNK that I enjoy wearing in my clothing. 

I went home cheesing from ear-to-ear because I was too excited to see what bottoms I could pair with this top. my closet ain't full of that many options haha. I own 4 pair of black jeans, 2 skirts + a pair of mom jeans that y'all always see me wearing lol. of course my go-to was the black jeans, but I was like: 

"Deun, don't be basic!" LOL

so, I pulled out the item that always creates the look: a two-dolla thrifted skirt that I purchased from a thrift shop in Houston yearssss ago. 

I put this bad boy on was like "YES, THIS IS IT!". the color palette was tew much for my life. the entire look was giving me a 70s hippie flowerchild vibe. #stylechoiceforthewin

as for the shoes, my friends know that I'm not into wearing heels. for one, I'm already tall (which is a great thing) and then secondly, they make my toes hurt. like my toes are literally on fire after wearing them for so long. and lastly, it's hard to find really cute shoes in my size. I wear an 11 and stores don't really make shoes for women like me. 

but every now and then Nordstrom does, which is where I bought these cute silver loafers. they gave this outfit a very solid + classic look.  

I'm learning that although my style is very minimal, it works well for me because I am very selective with my style choices.

I take so many things into consideration: 

  • is this color great for my skin tone 
  • is it an item that I can frequently recycle
  • how does it align with how I envision myself
  • does it work well with Cynthia (my afro, LOL)
  • is it a statement piece

from there, the magic happens. 

all photos taken by bae:  eric michael

all photos taken by bae: eric michael

let me know what you guys think of this look :)

and also, if you know of any shoe stores that cater to long feet women, drop a comment below, let's chat.