note to self: one.




you will never live your best life, be your best self or give your best efforts, if you are not entirely free from the judgements of other people. when the need for validation doesn't exist, you are truly able to walk in your purpose because your most authentic self comes alive. and that's when the real magic happens. your most authentic self is free to be present. she is no longer a slave to opinions that really don't matter. she is fearless. she understands the value of her thoughts + ideas. she is not afraid to be the only one of her kind. she is able to communicate her highs + lows unapologetically through art, sound + real emotion - with no desire to disrupt the original state of her expression. why? because she knows that her best life is only accessible to her if she is bold + courageous enough to always remain true to herself. 

every time you adjust yourself for the appeasement of other people, a little part of you dies. if you don't stop now, you'll end up living such a small life because you never got a chance to explore your own thoughts and capabilities. all because you live in fear. fear of being rejected. fear of not being good enough. fear of what other people think. 

why do other people + their thoughts matter to you so much. why are YOU CHOOSING to create + sustain these restrictions that keep you oppressed. why are you committing yourself to a life that refuses to let you be?

if you continue to worship the thoughts of other people, you'll end up sacrificing your time, your energy, and most importantly yourself. you'll be deprived of so much because YOU didn't allow yourself to be free. true liberation is giving yourself permission to be the complete + whole person that God created you to be. 

with love, 

your best self. 

p.s shout out to my bestie, victoria banjo, for inspiring the last quote. 

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