i was born for the stage. as a former theatre performer, i cultivated the charisma, confidence and authenticity that it takes to own the room, deliver a powerful speech and hand people their entire lives. my approach to public speaking is rooted in being unapologetically myself + finding comfort in vulnerability. 

so, yes, i would love to come and be the keynote speaker at your next event. 

let's create magic. 


Black Girl In Om

my creative partner, lauren ash, founded black girl in om, the #1 destination for women of color on their wellness journey. i am the art director + podcast co-host for this amazing brand. we promote holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color. we encourage self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment for communities of color.

we've curated experiences with HBO, graced the cover of CRWN Mag + partnered with brands like Nike + Makeup Forever for campaigns + content. 

interested in learning more or possibly working with us on an amazing project? visit here.  



workshops are one of my favorite experiences to curate. i thrive in spaces that allow me to interact with my community face-to-face. you can book me to come + host a workshop on photography, self-confidence/self-love, or entrepreneurship. 

fees for travel and accommodations are separate from workshop rate. 



my creative partner, lauren ash, and i founded lifestyle with ivory and ash, a mindfulness brand that creates goods rooted in affirmations and illustrations for contemporary women of color. 



the glow up is real, yall, and part of that glow up is learning the value of who you are, having a unique vision and understanding the importance of authenticity + aesthetic. for those of you who've been following my journey, you've seen my beginning and you've witnessed my transformation. my desire is to help black women live their best lives + i do this through one on one consultations where we discuss: the vision for your brand, how to bring that vision to life and my role in your success. 


i've had the privilege of working with brands like Makeup Forever, Nordstrom, Dot and small indie brands for look books + influencer campaigns via social media. this is work that i enjoy doing. cynthia (my afro) and i are always excited to step in front of the camera. 

i'm available for bookings + yes, i'm willing to travel.